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If Apple could sue Mother Nature for trademark infringement, would they?


If Apple could sue Mother Nature for trademark infringement, would they?



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  • Prepared to be Grossed Out… Current TV Host Says……
  • Anonymous “Turns Its Back” On WikiLeaks
  • Israel will most likely hold elections on January 22
  • Libya’s national assembly elects former diplomat as prime minister
  • Israel Warns Finland Over Latest Flotilla Ship
  • World Trade Center Says Canadian Firm Holds Tower Hostage
  • FTC moving closer to Google antitrust case – sources
  • Abu Islam Bible desecration trial postponed to 21 October
  • Taliban attack on Malala shameful, cowardly: Altaf Hussain
  • Europe moves forward on its own GPS system
  • Why Secretary of Veteran’s Affairs Eric Shinseki Should Resign Immediately
  • Sensata and the Stench of Desperation
  • Now Who’s Racist?
  • Hillary Celebrated End of Ramadan at State Department with the
  • Libyan Ambassador
  • Thousands of British troops to quit Afghanistan in 2013
  • Report: Iran mulls plans for deliberate Gulf oil spill
  • Iran touts drone sent to Israel as sign of strength
  • Liberal political movements in Egypt call for protest Friday
  • Who Told Obama that the Benghazi Attacks were about a YouTube Video?
  • Jay Carney Blames Republicans for BenghaziGate and the “Republicans Cut Funding” Lie
  • New York Times Leaves out Key Phrase from Ryan in VP Debate Transcript
  • Delusional or Megalomania?  Your Call.
  • The Obama Shakedown – Why Haven’t You Given Us Money?
  • Apple Insists Amazon Is Misusing App Store Mark
  • Puma launches biodegradable shoes to aid nature, lift sales



Prepared to be Grossed Out… Current TV Host Says……

Commentary: For those of you who feel an obligation to the unborn you may not want to read the following….

During post-vice presidential debate coverage, Current TV host Cenk Uygur said Thursday that Republican vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan looked like a baby next to Vice President Joe Biden.

“The audience looks at that and goes, ‘That kid? Who’s that kid, Paul Ryan? I don’t want that guy being president.’ You know why he likes fetuses so much? Because he looked like one next to Biden,” Uygur told co-hosts former Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm, former New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer, and John Fugelsang.

Almost to his credit Spitzer stepped in at that point to express the disgust that any normal human being would feel after having their ears infected with such tripe – I say almost because he was smiling about the comment as he rebuffed it:

“That’s enough. You’re, you’re wrong,” Spitzer said in response.

but really the damage was done…. yup this from the network of a man that was one court ruling away from being our president….  May God have mercy on their souls.
Link w/ embedded video:


Anonymous “Turns Its Back” On WikiLeaks

Commentary: Anonymous seems to have cut ties with “whistle blower” website Wikileaks after it decided to start charging for some content.  It described the move by Wikileaks to raise money as a “betrayal” and promised to publish a list of unethical actions taken by the website.  Wikileaks founder Julian Assange defended the fundraising attempt, stating that 95 percent of its funding had been stripped by the banking blockade.  The “paywall” has now been removed, but it is unlikely Anonymous will return to supporting Wikileaks as it is now promoting its own publishing platforms such as AnonLeaks, HackerLeaks, and LocalLeaks.


Israel will most likely hold elections on January 22

Commentary: Israel’s Cabinet has approved January 22 as the date when the next national election will take place.  Netanyahu, who is expected to win, stated that he wanted an early vote because his governing coalition has been unable to agree on a state budget for 2013.  The Israeli Knesset is expected to approve the date when it convenes on Monday.  If it takes place on January 22, the election will be 8 months prior to when Prime Minister Netanyahu’s mandate ends.  I wonder if its any coincidence that Inauguration Day for the United States is January 20th.  Israel will definitely know by then if it has a friend or an enemy in the White House.


Libya’s national assembly elects former diplomat as prime minister

Commentary: The Libyan national assembly elected Ali Zeidan as its new prime minister.  This comes after the former prime minister, Mustafa Abushagur, was removed through a vote of no confidence after being unable to form a government that the assembly would accept.  Ali Zeidan is a former diplomat who defected from Libya in the 1980’s.  He was part of the National Front for Salvation of Libya, a group that opposed Gaddafi and made several coup attempts against him in the 1980’s.  The most famous of those attempts occurred in 1984 when members of the group attacked Gaddafi’s Bab al-Azizia compound in Tripoli.  They were unsuccessful in their assassination attempt.  In retaliation the Libyan government arrested 2000 people with 8 of those arrested being hung publicly.  In 2011 the group dissolved as its main objective, the removal of Gaddafi, had been reached.


Israel Warns Finland Over Latest Flotilla Ship

Commentary: The Estelle, a yacht carrying 16 people, sailed from Naples on the 6th of October with plans to attempt to break Israel’s blockade against Gaza.  Most of its crew are from western countries and it is expected to reach Gaza in two weeks.  According to Gaza’s Ark, a Canadian group that supports the mission, Israel has issued the following warning to the Finnish foreign ministry:

“…in case SV Estelle seeks to break the blockade at sea on Gaza (20 nautical miles), Israel will intervene in the situation by using force. Should this take place, the safety of the people on board may be jeopardized.”

In 2010 9 Turkish nationals were killed when Israeli commandos boarded a Turkish ship that was part of the “Freedom flotilla.”  The incident ended diplomatic ties between Israel and Turkey and Turkey has stated they will not restore the ties until an apology is issued.  Another attempt to break the blockade ended when Greece blocked the flotilla from leaving harbor in Athens.


World Trade Center Says Canadian Firm Holds Tower Hostage

Commentary: The Port Authority, the agency that owns 1 World Trade Center, is accusing Canadian ADF Steel Corp of holding the antenna steel for the top of the building hostage over a previously owed debt.  The antenna, which is over 400 feet, will allow the building to reach a symbolic 1776 feet and make it the tallest building in the western hemisphere.  The Port Authority lawyers stated in their suit:

“Due to the iconic character of 1 WTC Tower and the enormous complexities surrounding its erection, leasing and opening, money damages cannot adequately compensate for the harm ADF is causing with every passing day that it refuses to deliver the antenna steel.”



FTC moving closer to Google antitrust case – sources

Commentary: According to Reuters four of the FTC commissioners believe that there should be an antitrust case against Google over its dominance of the search engine market.  Rivals of the company have accused Google of unfairly giving their web sites low rankings in an attempt to steer web users towards similar Google products.  The FTC is also looking into several Google patents involving smart phones to determine if they are licensed fairly and if patent infringement lawsuits are being used to intentionally hamper innovation.  European regulators in Europe are conducting a similar investigation.  Google denies that the company manipulated search results.


Abu Islam Bible desecration trial postponed to 21 October

Commentary: A court that is going to conduct a blasphemy trial against Sheikh Ahmed Mohamed Mahmoud Abdullah, his son, and newspaper reporter Mohamed Yassin Gadallah has postponed the trial until the 21st.  This comes after the trial was previously postponed until the 14th.  Abdallah who is the owner of the Al-Umma satellite channel, is accused of tearing a copy of the Bible outside the US Embassy in Cairo and including Christianity during an interview with Gadallah.  Not a good thing to charge anyone for “blasphemous speech,” and it will be interesting to see how this is used to justify the much more common cases where the “blasphemous speech” is against Islam.  Its also causing further unrest in Egypt as supporters of Abdullah clash with those calling for his prosecution.  The court must be quite concerned about the violence that might erupt over a conviction or the legal issues for future cases that would be caused by an acquittal.
In may, Abdullah started a new satellite channel called “Maria.”  The channel only employees veiled women and no men in what they say is an attempt to empower veiled women who “suffer marginalization.”  The network also does not have male or non-veiled female guests, though this restriction would not extend to telephone interviews.


Taliban attack on Malala shameful, cowardly: Altaf Hussain

Commentary: Thousands rallied in Karachi in support of Malala Yousufzai, the 14-year-old girl shot by the Taliban.  Karachi’s most powerful political party, the Muttahida Quami Movement, organized the rally and their leader spoke to the crowd by telephone.  He is currently in London as part of a self-imposed exile after he escaped an assassination attempt.  He called Yousufzai a beacon of knowledge and the daughter of the nation while calling the Taliban gunmen beasts who attacked “the ideology of Pakistan.”  He also stated that the Taliban’s stance on women’s education was against the teachings of the Prophet and Islam and called on the country’s religious scholars to take a strong stance against them.  This comes after 50 Muslim scholars released a Fatwa against the Taliban for their attack on Yousufzai.  In a related story, 9.5 million students in 15,000 schools across Afghanistan participated in a coordinated prayer for Yousufzai on October 13.  According to one student:

“Our sister, Malala, is not alone,” one student told Radio Free Afghanistan. “We will not let her be alone. We support her efforts and pray to God for her speedy recovery.”



Europe moves forward on its own GPS system

Commentary: A Russian Soyuz rocket has carried two European satellites into orbit bringing the Galileo system to four operational satellites.  This is an important number as it means that testing can now begin on the system for use in vehicles and smartphones.  Over the course of the decade the rest of the system will be deployed to make a system of 27 operational satellites and 3 spares.  It will be more accurate than the current GPS system operated by the United States, though the article notes that the United States is expected to also upgrade its GPS infrastructure in the coming decade.  I know the United States GPS system is getting pretty old.  Any bets on whether upgrades to the system will be delayed, leaving us dependant on this new European system?  I hope this doesn’t happen as I would think it would be quite compromising for our military if they were forced to depend on a GPS system that they had no operational control over.


Why Secretary of Veteran’s Affairs Eric Shinseki Should Resign Immediately

Commentary: This article tears apart the VA for extremely wasteful spending, including the astonishing fact that the “VA has held over 1,600 employee conferences, if you can believe it, spending an estimated 300 million dollars.  That works out to a conference every one and a half days.” One conference was 6.3 million dollars. Other flagrant uses of taxpayer dollars are highlighted.


Sensata and the Stench of Desperation

Commentary: Sensata Technology, controlled by Bain Capital, will be outsourcing 170 jobs to China, according to reports. This fact is now being used as proof of Romney’s evil outsourcing ways, the word #Sensata is all over twitter.  We need to get ahead of this new charge with the facts. Romney has not been at Bain Capital for 12 years. Obama’s job czar was “unapologetic” for half of his workforce being overseas (25,000 people) and Obama’s failed green stimulus was brought under fire not only for the massive lay-offs and/or bankruptcies, but for the fact that “more than three-fourths Of $2 billion spent on wind-energy projects supported by the stimulus package had gone to foreign companies.”


Now Who’s Racist?

Commentary: Just wow! In case you hadn’t heard, the Florida State Board of Education passed a plan that sets goals for students in math and reading based upon their race.  Frankly it’s one of the most racist things I have heard about in a long time because what they are essentially saying is, black students aren’t as smart as their Asian, white and Hispanic classmates…. ouch!  From an article in CNS NEWS….

“On Tuesday, the board passed a revised strategic plan that says that by 2018, it wants 90 percent of Asian students, 88 percent of white students, 81 percent of Hispanics and 74 percent of black students to be reading at or above grade level. For math, the goals are 92 percent of Asian kids to be proficient, whites at 86 percent, Hispanics at 80 percent and blacks at 74 percent. It also measures by other groupings, such as poverty and disabilities, reported the Palm Beach Post [...]”

But according to the FL State Board of Education Chairwoman Kathleen Shanahan setting goals for different subgroups was needed to comply with terms of a waiver that Florida and 32 other states have from some provisions of the federal No Child Left Behind Act.  Yes, this is the nation we are not only leaving, but creating for our kids America!  Congratulations.


Hillary Celebrated End of Ramadan at State Department with the

Libyan Ambassador

Commentary: For the record, we at the Tavern Keepers appreciate that this story is going on a month old, however it got very little play in the aftermath of the murder of our Ambassador and three other American patriots in Benghazi on September 11th so we are feeling the need to discuss it with you all now.  We can appreciate that the event was planned prior to the September 11th assaults, but given the gravity of the situation in Libya only days before, one would think Hillary would have taken steps to do the right thing.  Yeah, not so much!  Indeed the Eid ul-Fitr reception was held almost a month after the official end of the month on Aug. 19, delayed, officials say, because of Clinton’s travel schedule.

As reported by by CNS News

“Although I am many weeks overdue in saying it: Eid Mubarak,” Clinton said. “No matter how belated we are honoring Eid and the end of Ramadan, this is a cherished tradition here at the State Department.”  Clinton acknowledged the deaths, saying, “Tonight, our gathering is more somber than any of us would like. This comes during sad and difficult days for the State Department family.

“We lost four Americans,” Clinton said. “They were good and brave men. They were committed to the cause of building a brighter future for the people of Libya.

“And we condemn the violence in the strongest terms, the violence against our posts in Benghazi, in Egypt, and now in Yemen,” Clinton said.

Cool!  Sorry that you guys are dead….. Now let’s PARTY!

Beyond sickening!
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Thousands of British troops to quit Afghanistan in 2013

Commentary: British Defense Secretary Philip Hammond stated on Sunday that England plans to withdraw thousands of troops from Afghanistan in 2013.  500 troops are to be withdrawn by the end of 2012 which will leave a force of around 9000.  All British troops are due to leave the country by the end of 2014.  On Sunday Great Britain also announced that it had charged 5 soldiers with murder from what it called “an engagement with an insurgent in Afghanistan last year.”  The incident involved an a Taliban insurgent and the British government charges that the soldiers violated the rules of engagement.  A video was found on one of the soldier’s laptop where they reportedly discussed whether the injured man who later died should receive treatment.  I’m guessing this is another “rules of engagement” case where bureaucrats are all up-in-arms because soldiers dared to defend themselves against a terrorist.  I guess at least they were allowed to actually have ammunition in their weapons.


Report: Iran mulls plans for deliberate Gulf oil spill

Commentary: The Iranian Revolutionary Guard has developed plans to damage an oil tanker in the Persian Gulf according to German magazine Spiegel.  The damage would be to cause an oil spill, blocking the gulf to shipping and causing a massive cleanup operation.  The motive of the plan is to force Western nations to suspend the Iranian sanctions as the cleanup would require Iranian technical help which would occur in return for the temporary lifting of the sanctions.  The plan, which would also punish Arab states in the Gulf for their support of the West and Israel, is being brought to Ayatollah Ali Khamenei who has the final say in its implementation.


Iran touts drone sent to Israel as sign of strength

Commentary: Iran on Sunday congratulated Hezbollah for its flight of a UAV over Israel and said that it had a natural right to do so.  Iranian defense minister Ahmad Vahidi said that the flight showed the weakness of Israel’s Iron Dome anti-missile system and that “The Zionist Regime cannot be immune to the wrath of the Islamic ummah.”  This comes as Iran announces that it is developing a new UAV with bombing capability in short, medium, and long range models.  Hezbollah has taken responsibility for the drone that flew over Israel and stated that it was made in Iran.


Liberal political movements in Egypt call for protest Friday

Commentary: The Egyptian Constitutional Party and Popular Current movement have called for a peaceful protest on Friday, October 19.  The protest labeled “Egypt is for Egyptians” will call for an investigation of a protest on Friday, October 12 that turned violent.  The original protest was called to condemn President Morsy’s failures during his first 100 days in office.  However, the Muslim Brotherhood organized its own protest and the resulting clashes led to more than 100 people being injured.  The groups organizing this Friday’s protest say the violence occurred because “some of the members of the ruling party could not recognize the opposition’s right to express its opinion peacefully.”  They also accused the Muslim Brotherhood of trying to disrupt the earlier protest and change its name.  The upcoming protest will also call for a minimum wage that is tied to the price of goods and the restructuring of the Constituent Assembly to provide better representation for all Egyptians.  Somehow  I don’t think the new protest is going to go any better.  Now that the Muslim Brotherhood is in power, these other movements have gone from being useful participants to being potential enemies.


Who Told Obama that the Benghazi Attacks were about a YouTube Video?

Commentary: Despite all of the warning signs and the repeated requests for help, the State Department ignored assisting the Benghazi consulate as the testimony last week revealed. Note that Utah Army Commander Lt. Col. Andrew Wood testified that after the British diplomats and the Red Cross left the area, “it became clear to me that we were the last flag flying…We were the last target on their list…” In further disturbing testimony, Eric Nordstrom, a former Regional Security Officer, stated that requests for additional security in Libya were ordered not to be made for what he described as “political reasons.” Even on 25-Sept-2012, President Obama was discussing the YouTube video.  Who told him in the first place that the YouTube video played a key factor in the protests?


Jay Carney Blames Republicans for BenghaziGate and

the “Republicans Cut Funding” Lie

Commentary: Jay Carney was asked about Vice President Joe Biden’s statement on additional security requests by Benghazi staff at his press conference on Friday. Carney blamed Republicans in general, and Congressman Paul Ryan in particular, for “politicizing” the issue to make President Obama look bad. Even worse, he blamed Republicans for denying funding for U.S. embassy security (David Axelrod also claimed the same, as documented in the article). Carney stated, “I find it rich that charges are made about concern over diplomatic security by those who routinely slash funding for diplomatic security in order to pay for tax cuts.” This oft repeated statement about Embassy funding gets a fact check and gets one in the article.
Bonus: Additionally, Carney recently stated, “its just a fact, that the President has fought for, and put forward funding for our diplomatic personnel and Embassy’s around the world, and “others” have had their budget priorities, to reduce that funding by way of tax cuts for millionaires and billionaires…that’s just a fact”.


New York Times Leaves out Key Phrase from Ryan in VP Debate Transcript

Commentary: The New York Times edited out the statement “And we will not blame others for the next four years” made by Vice Presidential Candidate Paul Ryan during his closing statements in the Biden/Ryan VP Debate transcript. The actual statement is:

“The choice is clear: a stagnant economy that promotes more government dependency or a dynamic, growing economy that promotes opportunity and jobs. Mitt Romney and I will not duck the tough issues, and we will not blame others for the next four years.”

The NYT cut it off after “tough issues” and as of Sunday afternoon, it has still not been corrected.


Tolerance? Elizabeth Warren Supporters Shout Anti-Gay Slurs at Scott Brown Staffer

Commentary: Elizabeth Warren supporters shouted nasty anti-gay slurs at Ross Hemminger, the Youth Coordinator for the ‘Scott Brown for Senate’ campaign at the Brown-Warren debate on Wednesday night. The article also documents that Union workers would be fined if they did not attend the debate (with videos). “The incident happened when Hemminger started chanting “Go, Scott, go!” on the megaphone. The Warren supporters chanted back “You sound gay!” A few others chimed in “You take it up the a**!” This disgusting display should never be tolerated. Who are these thugs?



Delusional or Megalomania?  Your Call.

Commentary: According to President Obama, “ If people read transcript, they’ll think I won last debate.”  OK now stop laughing….. During an interview on Friday with the the Michael YO! Show, the president actually said,

“I do think that on television it was clear that I was being too restrained when Mr. Romney was telling his tall tales. But the truth is, when you read the transcript, everything I said was true and a lot of what he said was not.”

Good for you Barry!  I admire a man that sticks to his story and his fantasies, no matter how ridiculous they may be.


The Obama Shakedown – Why Haven’t You Given Us Money?

Commentary: The only thing missing is the letter being sent from


Apple Insists Amazon Is Misusing App Store Mark

Commentary: Apple is claiming that Amazon is violating their trademark by calling its service for selling Android apps the “Appstore.”  They say it misleads the public into believing that the Amazon service will have a comparable offering to the Apple Appstore in terms of quantity and quality of apps.

 “Apple claims that despite using the ‘Appstore’ in its name, Amazon’s service does not possess the characteristics and qualities that the public has come to expect from the name App Store based on familiarity with Apple’s service,” according to the opposition brief, which had been filed under seal, but now somewhat public. “Amazon’s use of the term ‘Appstore’ therefore misleads the public.”

Amazon is calling for a summary judgement in the trademark dispute.


Puma launches biodegradable shoes to aid nature, lift sales

Commentary: German sportswear making Puma is launching a line of biodegradable shoes and clothes.  This comes as the United Nations has praised the company for its efforts to account for the costs that its products have in air pollution, greenhouse gases, waste, land, and water use.  The company estimates that in 2010 it did 145 million euros in damage to the environment with its products.  They say that the new products will be durable but have a lower impact on the planet.  For instance a new biodegradable t-shirt will have an impact of 2.36 euros as opposed to 3.42 euros for a traditional t-shirt.  Sounds like work is being done to put these supposed “damages” into numbers so that the United Nations will have ammunition in proposing new global taxes.  It remains to be seen if Puma is a willing accomplice in this or just the typical “useful idiot.”


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